Property Manager MA: How to Renovate a Fixer-Upper

Property Manager Ma

Property Manager MA: How to Renovate a Fixer-Upper

There are times in life when you find the perfect home with a lot of potential but in a terrible condition. However you know that if you put in some repair work, you will be able to get everything working. This post takes a look at how you can get about to it.


You need to check with your local district to see what you are permitted to do. They have different rules for each zone. So you need to do your research well and check with the authorities to see what is permissible. The best way to do that is to check online or meet up with an authorized municipality staff member who will let you know.

Property Manager MA: Home Inspector

The home inspector steps in once you have made a verbal commitment to buy the home. The stage when you have to wait for the contracts is the one where you need to get the home inspector. The home inspector will let you what is wrong with the structure and how it can be improved or if there is no hope. This is an important step as you can walk out of the sale or at least get a better idea of it. The best way to find a home inspector is to check through your broker or on friends and family. A good home inspector will be someone who is unbiased and will give you an honest opinion.

Feel free to ask the home inspector about the age of the systems installed in the home. So it is a good idea to find out if the boiler is worth keeping or not, or the air conditioning unit which might need changing. You will also need to have the electric supply checked, so you will know if you need to upgrade or not.

Also make sure that you do your homework before you decide to do any upgrades. You also need to see what the process is for filing documents to get planning permission.


An architect will give you good perspective and allow you to see the house from a different angle. It will also help you see if the home is worth fixing or not and which walls can be moved around or not. The contractor is a tricky part as you need to find someone who you can trust and will finish the job.

Tax Incentives

Check to see if you are entitled to any tax benefits.  They are for homeowners who improve the value of their property.

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