Property Manager MA: Renovating Scams

Property Manager Ma

Property Manager MA: Renovating Scams

Home renovations can be quite a challenge especially if you are working with a contractor. It is important to hire a contractor because they will be able to take care of major aspects of the renovation. They can oversee it and handle it better than you can (unless you are a contractor yourself). Do remember that this is not a DIY job and you need a professional to take care of it. Yet you have to be careful because you do not want to be the victim of a scam. This is why you must be vigilant when hiring a contractor, as you could be conned of your money. These are the scams fake contractors can pull for cash.


1.) Door-to-door Contractors

A bona fide contractor does not go door to door looking for work. If someone claiming to be a contractor shows up at your doorstep, don’t fall for it. They usually ask for money for material but don’t give it to them as they never come back. A real contractor is listed and always has reviews/testimonials from previous clients.

2.) No  previous clients

Contractors usually have photographs and contact information for previous clients. This means that if a contractor does not share any information or makes excuses, then you know that it’s time to look for another contractor. It could be that the contractor is inexperienced or is a fraud.

3.) Property Manager MA: No contract

If a contractor refuses to sign a contract and wants to go on the honor system, you should avoid it at all costs. It is important to sign a contract so that the contractor is held liable, if anything goes wrong. If he does not want to sign it, then get another contractor.

4.) Upfront Cash

Don’t pay for any renovation material till the job is complete. If a contractor asks you for the money upfront you will know that it is a scam. The contractor will probably use poor quality material or do poor work.

5.) No permit

Major renovations always require a permit. If you have any electrical, plumbing and structural work, you will need a permit. Any contractor who tells you that you don’t need a permit is lying. An experienced contractor would always apply for a permit. This can also land you in trouble.

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