Property Manager MA: Selling a home in winter

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Selling a home in winter

Most people like selling their homes in the spring and fall because it is typically a good time period. This is usually because it allows people how the home will feel like in certain climates. There are exceptions to the rule as some people have to put their property on the market during the winter.   One may assume that selling a home in winter can be tough but it’s not because of the advent of modern technology.

Winter is a good time to sell homes because the supply of homes is at a low. There will always be some buyers who want to get a jump start. The only issue is that listing it in the winter will make landscaping and curb appeal a problem. These are the things you need to do while listing your home in the winter.


It’s important to clear all paths leading to your home. You want to make it easily accessible and not be a safety hazard. So make sure that you clear everything if there has been an ice or snow storm. Another point to note is that you should be vigilant before a prospective buyer turns up. You may never know when it snows again and you might need to clear the paths at the last minute.

The Heat is on

Don’t be a miser and leave the heat on before you have people coming in to check your home out. A cold home is a huge turnoff and will affect the sale of your house. When the home is warm and inviting, it will make a good impression. Plus the homeowner can see that the house is good enough to buy as it retains heat well.

Property Manager MA: Fireplace

If you have a fireplace at your place, it is a good idea to use it. A fireplace adds value to your home and makes it look good. Just make sure that you have had the fireplace fully serviced before you use it. Also make sure that the prospective buyers are ok with a fireplace being used when they are taking a look around.


If you have a pool, deck, patio do make sure that they are visible for any prospective buyers. They are visible during summer months but tend to be out of sight in the winter. Let the prospective buyer get a feel of the outdoor space by letting them see everything.

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