Property Manager MA: Solar Panels

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Solar Panels

Solar power technology is an affordable and easy to use technology. There was a time when Solar power was quite expensive and required a lot of maintenance. These days homeowners can utilize the technology and recover the cost in around three to four years. With the high prices of electricity, it is a good investment. Thanks to technological advances (and the Chinese), solar panels are a lot cheaper. Solar energy dealer say that the price has dropped 53 percent since 2010. The price will continue to go down throughout the decade but at a slower rate.

The positive to take from this is that companies are allowing homeowners to lease the technology at lower prices so that they don’t have to pay through their noses or worry about maintenance.

Is your roof too old for new technology?

The first thing you need to do is assess the age and condition of the roof. You also need to see if it faces the sun properly.  The panels need to be in a place which receive sunlight at peak hours.  It doesn’t make sense to do it if the roof is not strong enough or if it faces the wrong direction and is surrounded by trees. Fear not as you can also utilize a ground-mounted solar panel system (though the cost will be higher).

Property Manager MA: Right Type of Panel

Most  of them use   photovoltaic cells while the Newer thin-film cells can be used as roof tiles or even skylight glazing. Homeowners must decide which factors they value most—price versus performance and efficiency.

How many panels do you need?

You need to see how much space you have, how much electricity your home uses and the budget of your home. This is how an expert will be able to determine what will work for you. If you think it is too expensive, then you can always lease the equipment. The best part is that you can transfer the lease to someone if you end up selling your home.  If it doesn’t work out you have the option to buy the system.

The good thing about owning a system is that even though it may be expensive you still get to have more options. Even though this is something you wouldn’t need in Massachusetts, you can still use it to save money during the summer months.

The most important thing to remember is that you should only get it if you think you can recoup the cost of your investment fast enough. Plus this also helps you with your Carbon footprint as you will be saving the planet.

We hope you liked our guide “Property Manager MA: Solar Panels”.

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