Property Manager MA: How to spend $10k on Remodeling

Property manager MA

Property Manager MA: How to spend $10k on Remodeling 

Home improvement can be quite an interesting and challenging task. However it is inevitable that they will end up costing a lot of money.  On the plus side you can always decide where you need to spend your money. A $10,000 investment will go a long way, so you’d better plan it right. It is worth it if you are planning on selling your home in the near future.

Small projects at home can make a huge difference to the resale of your home. Not only will it look better, but you will also get better offers.

1. Kitchen.

You need to spend money wisely here an $10,000 investment  will not get you everything on your wishlist. You will only be able to get some new appliances, cabinet resurfacing and new countertops. Just don’t go one cent over your budget as your potential buyer may not want such a fancy kitchen.

2. Master bath.
Investing your money smartly will get you a good deal. Just focus on a few areas and your master bathroom will be a good sell.  Perhaps you can get a brand new shower with enclosure, some new fixtures, a paint job and new countertops. It’s all about how you see the vision for your new master bathroom.

3. Paint.
Tired of the old colors in your home? You can always repaint it in a neutral colour and add some nice pillows and accessories to make it look cool and inviting.

4. New carpet.
Replace your carpet if it is dirty and worn-out. There is no point in cleaning a carpet if it still looks worn out. Get a good carpet with a neutral color because it is easier to clean

5.  Property Manager MA: Curb appeal.

The best way to make your home look good is to spend time maintaining your yard, giving your home exterior a brand new paint job, add some new house numbers and a new mailbox. An added bonus would be some outdoor lighting which will make it look better.

6. Push the inside out.
If you have a room which looks into the backyard you can always expand it a bit. A small deck with windows and french doors will make it appealing. Just make sure that you have the right building permits to do that.

If You’re Planning to Stay in Your House

If you love your home, you can always stay there and enjoy the upgrades for that price. There are some more upgrades you can do to make your stay better.

1. Heating and air system upgrades.
Invest in new heating and air systems to reduce your utility bills.

2. Going solar.
You can always give solar technology a try so that you can save on your utility bills. It may not work all year but at least you can have some relief.

We hope you liked our guide “Property Manager MA: How to spend $10k on Remodeling”.

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