Property Manager MA: Strange noises at home

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Strange noises at home

Homes make strange noises all the time but that does not mean that it is haunted or possessed by some supernatural beings. If you hear noises then that means that it is letting you know that there is something wrong. This guide looks at how some of these problems can be remedied.


1. Clanking sound after heating is turned on

Homeowners tend to get alarmed when they hear some moaning and groaning when they turn on the heating. There is no reason to get worried as the heating system has been turned on after a long spell. Basically it just expands and rubs against the frame of the house.  If there is clanking in the boiler, it is safe to say that there is something wrong with it and it needs to be checked.

2. Sound coming from the walls

If you hear noises behind the walls or above your ceilings, it could be a rodent problem. If your home has an attic, check upstairs to see if there are any mice, rats, bats, raccoons or squirrels up there. Bats can be dangerous as they can carry rabies. It would be a good idea to get a professional to handle any potential rodent problem. It is a good idea to get rid of them because if they chew through insulation or wiring, this can lead to a mishap or damage.  Just make sure you secure your attic after you get rid of them.

3. I hear running water even though no one is using anything

A good Property Manager MA would advise you to investigate the sound of running water when you know no one is using anything. This  means there is a busted pipe somewhere. The best way to take care of this is to turn off the mains. If the noise goes away then that means you definitely have a leak. So call your plumber and get him to fix that leak for you.

4. The water heater is making bubbling sounds

If you hear a lot of crackling sounds coming from your water heater then that means that there are sediment deposits within your tank. They make it tougher for your heater to work. So just make sure that you flush your hot water tank every few months by using the drain valve. However it won’t help if it is already making those sounds.

5. My furnace is making a whistling (sucking) sound that it’s never made before. Is it going to need to be replaced?

If your furnace is making a lot of noise, then it means that the filter has not been changed. The furnace is trying to pull in around it. This can damage the furnace and will make it expel gas into the house. The best option is to change filters regularly.

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