Property Manager MA: Words to help sell your home


Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Words to help sell your home

They say that certain homes sell well because of the words used tin their listings. So if you use one of those words, it may make a bit of a difference to the sale value of your home.

1. Luxurious

Adding the word “luxurious” helps a great deal to the value of the home. It also sells more if you mention that in the listing as it implies that a home’s finishes and amenities are high-end. People also can tell that the home must be fit for an A-list star or a tycoon. Homes with that description usually sell for 8.2 percent more than their price.

2. Captivating

If you use the word “captivating”, it will add 6.5 percent more to the selling price. It tends to be a richer description and entices them to buy the home on sale. There is no negative meaning of the word as it sets quite a high bar.

3. Impeccable

“Impeccable” adds more to the posh factor of a home. It is a wonderful adjective which speaks volumes about the quality of the home and makes it more desirable for everyone. Homes with an “impeccable” quality sell more than expected as it means the home is ready.

4. Property Manager MA: Stainless

No one can resist a home with “stainless steel appliances”. So if your home has stainless steel appliances make sure you add that in the listing. This will boost the price of your home by a good deal.

5. Landscaped

A home with a landscaped garden is something which makes it more desirable for others. Landscaped homes tend to sell quite well and for a premium.

6. Remodel

Remodeled homes have a lot of value as people see them as a good buy. Remodeled homes remind buyers that the home has had work done and that it adds more value to their purchase.

7. Beautiful

If you add “beautiful” to the listing of your home, it will sell well. Everyone loves a beautiful home and describing a home’s feature will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Traditionally homes which are beautiful tend to sell a lot more.

8. Spotless

Who doesn’t love a spotless home? So if your home is spotless, don’t forget to mention it as homes tend to be out of shape. A spotless home means that the buyer does not have to spend as much taking care of the problems.

We hope you liked our guide “Property Manager MA: Words to help sell your home”.

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