Property Manager MA: When you really need a real estate lawyer

Property Manager MA: When you really need a real estate lawyer

Property Manager MA

You can’t always save money when buying a home as it can lead to other problems. So whatever you do, don’t take care of the legal documents yourself unless you are a real estate lawyer. It is never recommended doing everything yourself as you need the helpf of a professional. There are some transactions which don’t need a lawyer while there are some which can be complicated enough to require the help of a real estate professional.

Here are four situations when you should consult a real estate lawyer.

Mandatory by Law

There are a few states which have made it the law to get a licensed attorney involved in real estate transactions. They do not have a favourable view of staff members who aren’t real estate attorneys. This is why they only prefer having an attorney handle everything as anyone else would be in a breach of ethics.

Fortunately Massachusetts is not in the list so far as only  Delaware, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina require attorney involvement, oversight, and direction in all aspects of a real estate transfer, from title review to signing documents.


Property Manager MA: Complexity

Buyers in other states will need a real estate attorney especially if the case is quite complex. They need one for cases such as :

Oil/ gas rights
Beachfront property
Adverse possession
Historical property
Preserved property
Zoning and/or land use disputes

It is cheaper to hire a lawyer as they can help you deal with it better. The costs will help you deal with any other potential claims later.

High Value

An investment in a real estate attorney is always a good idea when you are going for a high priced purchase. They will help make sure that the property is in great shape and that you are getting value for your money. A good attorney will get a proper home inspection done for you so that you don’t have to face any potential issues.

If there are any other liens or judgements to deal with, a good lawyer will help make sure that the buyer does not have to deal with these issues on the settlement day.

High Stress

Real estate buying can never be an easy experience as there is a lot of work involved. There can be problems if the property is troubled or if the sale is from the estate of a deceased individual. There can be a lot of emotion where the buyers can tend to make rash decisions. A legal professional can help circumvent through all those problems.

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