Property Manager MA: Safety Upgrades for Seniors

Property manager MA

Property Manager MA: Safety Upgrades for Seniors 

There is a new trend these days where seniors opt to remain at home instead of living at a care home. They prefer to be independent and living on their own terms.


Here are eight smart safety upgrades you may want to consider installing.

Smart lights

Smart lights are the best investment as they will prevent you from hurting yourself. These are lights which can turn on when you need them. Furthermore you can program them to your own whims. For example you can set a schedule or just set functions where they turn on when you enter the room. You can also configure it via your smartphone and never have to worry about an accident in the dark.

Automatic stove 

Home fires are usually through the stove. They can also lead to injuries. This is why investing in a shut-off stove makes a lot of sense. It turns off if you are too near the stove or if the stove is unattended for too long.

Cooking fires are the number one cause of all home injuries. An automatic stove shut-off senses if you are near the stove, and turns off the heat if it is unattended too long.


Property Manager MA: Medical alert system

It is worth investing in a medical alert system as it will get you the help you need when When you live alone, it’s important to have a quick way to get help in an emergency. A medical alert system provides you with personalized help in seconds. It is a good way to prevent any major problems as medical help will be there in minutes.


Monitored smoke alarm

An investment in a monitored smoke alarm will go a long way. This will let you know if the alarm has gone off when you are not at home. This will also enable you to get a phone call to know if you are ok. It is a good measure for false alarms. In the event you are not at home, the fire department will send someone to check for you.

Smart home security

An investment in smart home security is the right way to go. They will use sensors and cameras to understand your home routine and will update you if there is something wrong. You will always be informed if someone is at your door or if you have left a door open.


Medication dispenser

A medication dispenser will be quite useful as it will remind you of your medication schedule. This will allow you to worry less and won’t let you lose count.

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