Sales Pushing in Massachusetts

Spring is only days away, and the real estate market is showing signs of picking up the pace for its busiest season. According to The Boston Herald’s article “Traffic at open houses like rush hour” 505 single family homes and condos have gone under contract in Boston in the past month , compared to the 364 during the same period last year- a 28% increase. In the state of Massachusetts- 5,388 single family homes and condos have gone under contract in the past month. A warm winter and low interest rates are pushing people to sell and buy. Real Estate agents in Boston have been bringing an average of 50 groups through listings on weekends with open houses! Even a small rise in the market lifts spirits and has potential buyers out and about, checking out listings and taking care of their market research. This is great news for Boston Property Managers. The buying and selling of property may indicate homeowners branching out into investment properties, or upgrading to a newer layout. Either way, a moving market is a good market! Paul Melanson, Senior Vice President and manager at Coldwell Banker is quoted stating he attributes this activity to a general lack of inventory, low interest rates, pent-up demand and mild weather.” With sales on the rise, there will inevitably be renting on the rise. Boston Property Managers will be surely taking this opportunity to scoop up new clientele. If you are thinking about buying, go take a look- you never know what you will find!

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