Simple Tips for a Green Lifestyle in Your Boston Apartment


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Going green in your Boston apartment is a good way of taking care of our planet which has provided us with plenty of resources. If we spend more time taking care of our planet we can help make the world a greener place.

The following tips will help you be more efficient, save money and lead a green life.


1.  Try and keep your thermostat low in the winter and not too high in the summer. This will help save energy and you will do your bit for the environment.

2.  Turn off all devices when not in use: chargers, TV, game consoles, microwave, computer. Devices which stay on standby end up consuming a lot of energy.

3. If you want to wash your clothes or dishes, make sure that you have a full load. It does not make sense to waste all that water for a small load.

4. Make sure that you have insulated your  Boston apartment well as this can help cut down on your energy costs by 20 to 30 percent. If you are unable to afford the cost of insulating your place, try and get a thermal shade. A thermal shade will let you retain heat in the winter and block the sun in the winter.

5. Use energy efficient light bulbs as they consume less energy than a regular light bulb.

6. Insulate your electric hot-water storage tank properly so that it may consume less energy.

7. Don’t waste too much time in the shower. Try and limit your showers to fewer than 5 minutes.

8. There is no need to turn up the thermostat to get hot water. It is advisable to stick to something as high as 120° F.

9. Installing a lighting control system will allow you to reduce your energy usage and lower your carbon footprint. Try and use dimmers or timers to regulate your energy usage.

10. Clean your furnace filters once a month. Replace any filters which have gotten old. This helps the furnace to perform more efficiently.

11. If you are going on vacation in the winter, leave your thermostat on at the lowest setting. It will require you more energy to warm up a home when you come back from your vacation. Just ensure that your furnace is functioning properly before you leave it on.

12. If you are using a radiator make sure that it is not blocked by anything which absorbs heat. It will take a lot more energy for your radiator to warm up the room.

13. Turn off all exhaust fans at least 25 minutes after you are done using the kitchen/bathroom.

14. Clean your water tank every 3 months so that you may drain all the sediment. The collection of sediment will burden your water heater and require more energy to heat it.

15. Use energy efficient appliances so that you can reduce your electricity bill.

We hope these simple tips will help you  save money and energy and adopt a green lifestyle in your Boston apartment.

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