Boston Property Management: How to organize your home

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to organize your home

The best way to organize yourself and take care of chores around the house is to always be prepared. Don’t try to self-sabotage yourself when you have work to do. You need to make sure you that you are ready for all the tasks you have at hand. If you don’t, then your lives will be too disorganized to manage. The more you put off tasks, the more cluttered your house will be. There are several factors why this happens. Fortunately, this guide looks at what you should do to tackle this.

Don’t have a defeatist attitude

Sometimes we don’t feel so great and we think that we will not be able to do any of our tasks. If you tell yourself that you are unable to organize anything nor will you be able to make any changes, then you will feel depressed and unmotivated. That is a defeatist attitude and will get you nowhere. Tell yourself that you can do it and start doing the task. Eventually, you will be able to finish it.

Therefore, you should also break down the tasks into sub-tasks so that you can do it. This is a good option if you have a lot to do and are unable to do it in one sitting. This way you will feel good about yourself and will be able to mark this as an achievement. Try to make a list first before you work on those sub-tasks. Give yourself a timeframe for each one and split it across two days or more (Depending on the nature of the task).

Boston Property Management: Motivate yourself to start

Sometimes we can’t do much about anything as we lack the motivation to get started. However, when you start the task and don’t get interrupted, then you start making some progress.  When you get into a rhythm then you will be able to start something and end it. This is a good way to organize everything you like and finish it. Just make sure that you don’t get interrupted, otherwise, the flow will be slow. If you also do it one step at a time, you can still finish it.

Don’t be afraid of failure

If you are afraid you will mess something up, you will never be able to get anything right. So, tell yourself that you will succeed and there will be a positive outcome.

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Property Manager MA: How to get Natural Light

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: How to get Natural Light

Natural light is a huge blessing as it reinvigorates the soul. Therefore, a home with natural lighting is high on the list of buyers. However, there is no need to despair, if the home you love lacks the entry of natural light. If you have the time and money, you can make changes to introduce light into your new home and liven it up. These solutions depend on the time and effort you can put in.  So, there are quick fixes, weekend projects and big projects.

Quick Fixes

For starters, you can move furniture away from your windows, so that the light can shine in your room. Get some fancy mirrors and place them in locations, where they can shine light everywhere. This is a cheap way of ensuring light but it is quite effective. Also, make sure that you search your room to see if there are any shadows. Move any big objects which can cast shadows so that there is more light. If you have furniture with reflective material, that will help your place feel sunnier.

Property Manager MA: Weekend projects

Invest your time on weekends to tackle these projects to make your home look better. Start off by cleaning your windows and remove any dirt. Dirt or any oily film layer end up filtering the sunlight. You also don’t have to worry about a lack of privacy, if you install Sheer white curtains or window shades to bring in the sunlight. If you have the budget, you can install Solar Shades. The good thing about them is that they remove the harmful UV rays while maintaining your view of the outdoors. Also, opt for light paint in your house so that there is more brightness. If bushes or trees are obstructing the sunshine, it’s time for a trim.

Big projects

If you have more time and the budget, then you can go for the big jobs. Start off by removing doors which close rooms and obstruct light. Get glass doors with frosted panes as they will allow light to go through. Not only will you have some privacy but you will also get a bit lighter.

If there are non-weight bearing walls in your common rooms, you can remove them so you can allow sunlight to come into your home.

Skylights are the last option because they are expensive. This will allow you to get sunlight into your home during the hours you need them. You can always use blinds to cover them up when you need your privacy. Natural light is always good as they will help you improve your health and productivity.

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Boston Property Management: Make the most of your Garage

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Make the most of your Garage

If your home has a garage, you know you can remodel it to make it look better. You can get rid of everything in the garage and make it a more functioning living area. Once you declutter the garage, it will look much better. You just have to plan everything so you know where everything goes.  So, if you do everything right you can see it as an extension of your home.

Storage Space

You can use your garage as a place for storage just by making a few small changes. For starters, you can add hooks and racks so you can place your jackets or other things which you won’t be bringing into your home. You can also install a bench with cubby holes so you can place shoes and other stuff inside. This way your house will remain clean inside while you leave all the mess inside the garage but in an organized manner.

If you have baskets, milk crates, utility bins lying handy then you can use them for storage. The baskets can be used to store books, blankets, clothing etc while the heavy-duty containers can be used for tools and other heavy-duty equipment.

Boston Property Management: Workshop

You can always put a wall up in an area and use it as a workshop for small projects. This is where you can set up a workbench and add drawers, containers and hangers. You will feel good having space where you can work on DIY stuff and not having to worry about dirtying the house.

Resurface the floor

If your garage has been around for a long time and is dirty, then you should clean it up and cover it with a fresh coat of epoxy glass. This is a good thing as this means that your floor will have a long life and it will be easier to clean it.

Last of all you need to either replace your garage door with something better or at least paint it properly so that it looks nice. If you have the budget you can get something more durable and trendy. If you need to paint it, you should just opt for a power wash before you give it a paint job.

Once you go through all those changes, you won’t have to do much inside your home as you will be able to maximize your space. This new change means less clutter and more happiness.

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Property Manager MA: How to renovate your home for $3000

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: How to renovate your home for $3000

So, you want to sell your home and you don’t have much of a budget to make improvements to entice potential buyers. Fear not as you can make the changes you need without bankrupting yourself.  You may fear the fact that your home may have some shortcomings and it may deter buyers. This guide looks at how you can make some effective changes but it also means that you can only work on one project. On the bright side, this will add more appeal and value to your home. Set a budget of 3000 dollars and renovate your home with ease.

Invest in a covered entry door

Don’t you just wish there was a buffer between the main door so you could have some privacy? When you cover up the entrance you make it easier for everyone. This means that your guests can step in and wait comfortably while you open the main door. It is also easier for you as you have a place to take a breather when you get home before you open the main door. Plus this also secures your home as you can always lock the covered door and your main door.

Property Manager MA: Open Floor Plans

Open floor is the best option if you want to make your home look bigger. They make it easy for you to entertain people and for moving from one room to the other. The only cost is to just remove a wall from your room (as long as there is ample support elsewhere). You will only have to pay the cost of hiring a contractor to take down the wall. This will make your home a great sell.

Stone Countertops

A kitchen is a place where one may spend a lot of time. So why not just upgrade the countertops? Go for natural stone countertops as they are more durable. Not only are they resistant to scratches and high temperatures but they can stand everything.  This will make your home more attractive to buyers.

Shelves and Closets

Work on renovating the closets you have and add more space so you can store stuff there. It won’t cost you so much to add some additional room for a closet. Add more shelf space so that it is more appealing to a buyer.

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Boston Property Management: How to get rid of weeds


Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to get rid of weeds

Spring time is when you need to make sure that your lawn is up to standards.  Don’t get disheartened if your lawn is full of weeds as you can always bring it back to shape. These are some tips on how you can get your lawn reader for the spring. Good to get it done before it is too late.

Weeds are not your friend

If you are regular in taking care of your lawn, you won’t have a huge weeds problem. This means that you need to mow your lawn on time, irrigate it properly and give it good feed so that the lawn grows. Another way to get rid of weeds without ruining your garden is to use herbicide which works on it before it can sprout. Also, try to remove weeds manually so that they don’t spread any more weeds into the garden. Gardening experts also recommend using sod or seed on bare spots in the lawn so that weeds don’t sprout.

Boston Property Management: Maintainance 

You need to make sure that your lawnmowers are well maintained. They won’t work well if you don’t replace the oil to make it work smoother. Check to see if the air filter and spark plugs are also working. Try to sharpen the blade of the mower if it is dull so that it can cut the grass better. Another tip is to make sure that it is cleaned with each use. This way the performance improves and there is no corrosion.


Sometimes dead grass builds up as a spongy layer in the lawn. That is known as thatch. In normal circumstances, it is good as it protects the soil, roots etc but when it grows it can be a problem as it will bring more weeds. So, start using a power rake to remove the thatch.

Start from scratch

Sometimes lawns are in bad shape and there is no hope for them. You can always remove all the grass, weeds and start over. Annual lawns are easy to remove with a sod cutter. There is tougher grass which you can only remove with herbicide. Once the grass is gone, you can replace the soil and then plant new grass seeds. Make sure you add manure or compost before you add the seeds. Keep watering it till the grass grows.


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Property Manager MA: Avoid Locksmith Cons

 Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Avoid Locksmith Cons

It sucks when you come home tired after a long day at work.  That is when you realize you have lose your house key. That is the worst feeling ever. You look for it everywhere but you are unable to find it. That is when you must call a locksmith and get the door unlocked. What if you don’t have the number of a locksmith and you must search for the first one you find on Google? You may get a good offer but it could be too good to be true.

If someone is giving you a low cost, then there is something wrong. A locksmith must bill you for transportation costs, tools, supplies, etc and that comes up to a huge cost. Only a scam artist would come up with a low rate. So, if you see an unbelievable offer, then you know there is something not right.

Property Manager MA: Types of Scams

One of the biggest scams is that they can make extra keys of your property so they can rob you when you are not at home. That is something you do not want to happen. You don’t want your keys to be in the hands of other people. So, therefore a trusted locksmith who is licensed is what you should be going for.

Other scams include scam locksmiths who jack up their prices 400 to 600 percent after they complete their work.  Then they refuse to leave or threaten to call the cops if you don’t pay them. Another scam is where they steal your private information and sell it others to make a profit. If a locksmith claims they can only take cash payments, then you should see that as a red flag. You need to have a receipt and at least a transaction to prove that you got the work done. This means that you can’t dispute the charge later. Lastly another scam is when they break the handle of your lock and you end up having to pay for an overpriced replacement. They only tell you about it once it is done.

 Do your Homework

Therefore, you should do your homework and find a locksmith even if you haven’t lost anything. Do your homework on time and then if there is the need, you can avail his services. If you haven’t and you need to do it in an emergency, you need to ask questions to avoid getting scammed. So, you need to have a few questions to consider before you get one.  You should see it as a red flag if they charge low prices, if the vehicle is unmarked, if they have a lot of negative reviews and the demand for an upfront payment. Do ask the locksmith where he is located, how he will get inside your house, a price estimate and if he needs to drill your lock. If he does not give you the right answer, you know something is wrong.

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Boston Property Management: How a Baby Boomer can sell a home to a Millennial


Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How a Baby Boomer can sell a home to a Millennial

It is a trend for Baby Boomers to leave their suburban homes and move into the city. Interesting enough, Millennials are now leaving the city to go and move into suburban areas. They moved there because they get more space and it’s far from the noisy city. Not only do they get to enjoy their lives but they also get a great deal of outdoor space. So, if you are a baby boomer who wants to sell, you will be able to appeal to the millennial generation.

Busy Schedules

The biggest factor to remember is that the millennials are busy people and work long hours. They prefer to spend their spare time with their family and friends. Therefore, they want to go for homes which allow them to move in easily and not have to spend much time working on renovating it. They just need a place where they can live comfortable lives with the minimal effort.


Millennial home buyers tend to be very picky when it comes to buying a home. They like to check their homes out online before they buy them. Therefore, you must invest in a good agent and a photographer, so your home is presented well. A good photo shoot means that you will have some good contenders. So, don’t compromise on that and spend money on a photo shoot.

Boston Property Management: Big homes 

Back in the day homes were huge and there was a lot of space inside for everyone. Home owners had huge closets, large basements, big closets and loads of rooms. These days’ millennials want simpler homes as they don’t have the strength to maintain them. A bigger home means that they must spend a lot of time on maintenance. Therefore, if you have a big home, you must make it match the market price.

Location, Location, Location

The most important factor is the location. So, if you have a home which is in the suburbs but still gives an urban experience, then you are in luck. A home which is near the local market or at least the train station, will make your home quite attractive. It might not help you if your home is far away from town and is quite secluded. You might still get a buyer but you might have to adjust your price to meet the market.

So, in the end if you want to sell to a millennial, then you need to adjust your thinking to match theirs. You might get your home sold and not have to spend a lot of time on the market.

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Property Manager MA: How to Budget for a move from an Apartment to a House

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: How to Budget for a move from an Apartment to a House

There are several costs you must pay for when you move to a new place. These are the costs which will never be a factor for the lender but you know you should pay for it eventually. These are costs which you will incur some way or the other.

Home Improvements

When you are in the process of buying your home, you will know if you want to make some home improvements. They are important as you might want to add your own touch to the home or you just see some room for improvement. If you have the funds and you can afford it, you can make the improvements the way you want it. Even if you buy a fixer-upper, you should still add some money for improvements as you may want the home to look different.


You will need a considerable budget for moving as you will want to bring in your belongings to your new home. Do get all the right quotes before you move or at least plan everything for yourself so you can do it yourself. You know that the more stuff you have, the more you must pay for it. Do remember that if you have a new home, you probably don’t want to bring in old furniture. Try and save enough money so you can invest in nicer furniture which is fit for a house. This means that you should spend a good amount of money on it.

Property Manager MA: Time

Time is what you need for everything. Unless you are a millionaire and you don’t need a job, you can afford it. However, if you are working, you need to take time off to go through the whole process. You will require time off to sign documents, move into your home, make improvements. Sometimes you may need to find some extra days and go unpaid for it.


A house can’t do without maintenance from time to time. You must be on the top of things and make sure that you keep repairing everything at home. You will also need to pain it, make sure that everything at home is in working order. If not, then this will lower the value of your home and make it less liveable. So, factor the maintenance costs in for your home.  Don’t forget the utility costs for your home. They are a recurring theme and you must pay a lot more than you did if you lived in an apartment.

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Property Manager MA: Why some won’t go for Home ownership?


Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Why some won’t go for Home ownership?

Owning a home tends to be more affordable in the long term plus you end up owning the home. Yet there are some who make a lot more money because they switched from owning to renting. They managed that by using all down payment money and the money which goes towards mortgages, taxes, insurance etc and investing it in other ventures. They managed to rent and still make a good amount of money.

Experts say that home ownership in the US has been hovering around 65 percent for the past three decades.  Several people are not going for homes as they don’t want to settle down or take a big gamble. It is a hassle finding a place, making the mortgage payments and then having to move again. This also means having to invest more time in selling the place or renting it out to pay off the mortgage. If not, then it means sticking to one place for a long time and having to pay off the mortgage.

Property Manager MA: Low Income 

This is also a problem for people with low-income as they can’t afford the cost of home ownership. Plus, the subsidies which are supposed to help them end up hurting them more than they help. For those people who have lost a job, it makes more sense for them to move to a place where they can get a job instead of relying on savings. They can’t use their savings as it will be a problem for them as they will take a financial hit.


The key is to stay strong able to get equity in the home, is what makes home ownership ideal. There is no use going for a mortgage if there is no equity in the property faster. Mortgages these days are a problem as they have a lot of interest on it. This means that the homeowner is paying more in interest, than they are paying in equity for the house. It is practically the same as renting a property.

Interest and property taxes can be deducted but only if they are itemizing their deductions. Plus, it only makes more sense in the early years of home ownership as the interest on the mortgage payments are higher. It helps to get some deductions there as the equity is the least.It was easier for people in the past to get mortgages and get equity as they actually lived in the home for the said period.

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Boston Property Management: Neighbors Cooperation to get Home sold

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Neighbors Cooperation to get Home sold

When you are getting ready to sell your home, you must also factor in the neighbors. If the neighbor’s home is in good condition, it will help you sell your home. If it’s not in the position, you must face some hurdles selling the home. When someone is looking to buy a home, they look at the neighborhood because that’s where they want to settle. If nearly all the homes in the area are in a bad shape, then it is not a good neighborhood, even if your home is in great shape. If just one or two homes in your area are in bad shape, then there is still a lot of hope, especially if it’s your next-door neighbor.


You may have made a great effort maintain your home, painting it, landscaping it and cleaning it to so that it stands out. You spent all that time and effort to make your home look like a gem. Yet your neighbor’s home is in bad shape as there is no curb appeal and it lacks a good paint job.

This will ruin the impression of your home as the potential buyer will see that. It doesn’t matter how much effort you have made as this will ruin the appearance for you.

Boston Property Management: Preemptive Measures

You can take preemptive measures to make sure it doesn’t happen. If you have good relations with the neighbors, you know it’s the right time to use it with them. So, talk to them and bring up any potential issues so that it may not hinder your home sale process. This means that you can ensure their cooperation when you are about to sell the home.

Also, let them know about the sale in advance so that at least they know what your plans are. You never know how they may assist you or at least cooperate with you. It doesn’t look good when you just spring it upon them and then ask them for their assistance.

The best thing you can do is to offer to help them pay for the improvements. After all this will only help to sell your home faster. You can’t expect them to pay for something which will benefit you. Also remember that they are the ones to decide who they want to work with and how they will make the change. Remember that even though they may be willing to work on your dime, you can’t be bullying them around. Just be patient and let them do their own thing.

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