How Do I Deal With Bad Tenants?

deal with bad tenants

If your tenants do not know about their responsibilities as a tenant or are just ignoring them, they could be causing a whole load of problems for you, the landlord. Although it is usually new landlords who are at a complete loss about how to deal with problem tenants, even the more experienced landlords sometimes find themselves saddled with tenants they would love to get rid of.

Take the Necessary Steps Before Renting Out

Before you begin renting out your property, you need to take some steps to minimize the risk of handing over your house to strangers. Landlords can protect their properties by getting insurance for their house, being vigilant about maintenance issues and by screening tenant applicants before signing a lease or agreement. Also, make sure your lease is air tight with clear and legal clauses about every aspect of their tenancy period like late payments, cleanliness, maintenance etc.

So, you did everything possible before renting out and you still have tenants who are causing hell for you. What should you do now?

Reason With Bad Tenants

Try talking to your tenants about the problems you have with their behavior or about how they are using (or mis-using) your property. Sometimes, tenants are just careless because of the landlord’s own attitude. If your attitude gives them the impression that you really don’t care about them breaking the flower pots on the front lawn, they will most likely break them all. Tenants are human beings, much like yourself, and they can be reasoned with most of the times.

Make a Deal With the Tenants

Sit down with your tenants and tell them that you don’t want to deal with their late payments and want to offer them a way out. Landlords and property managers need to be careful about evicting tenants when their only problem is late payments. Bigger Pockets has a great list of questions that you need to ask before you decide to throw out a tenant. But if you are bent on doing so, talk to them about it. Tell them if they leave your property, say within a week, you are willing to not take the matter to court. This often works because people don’t really want to go to court.

Take Legal Action

This is the most expensive option and must be used only as a last resort because not only will it cost you time and money in legal fees but also in terms of lost rent on your property. Make sure you have records of every transaction and communication with your tenants so you have evidence for anything the tenant might lie about when in court. Having all the proof and documentation will help speed up the process of getting you your money back and getting rid of the tenants.

Hire a Property Manager

If you’ve been having bad luck with a property and are considering selling your home so you don’t have to deal with tenant issues, try hiring a property manager instead. They can take care of every aspect of renting out your property and even deal with bad tenants.


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