How Do I Find an Apartment that is Right for Me?

find the right apartment

Find An Apartment Right For You

Apartment hunting can be a stressful process especially if you’re in a hurry or have limited time to invest in this hunt. Many people just give up and get what seems like the best option only to regret it later. Others get so confused and overcome by indecision that they are unable to fight hard enough to get their dream place. Don’t be that person. Know what you want in advance so you are prepared for every possible scenario.

Make a List of Your Requirements

Start out by making a list of elements that are essential for your new apartment. Must you absolutely have a balcony? Would you prefer to have an open kitchen or one in a separate room? Would you be okay with the lack of parking or is it a necessity? Sort out your list into most important and preferable and hand it to your real estate agent or keep it in mind when calling to inquire about listings.

When you go to open houses, have a list of questions handy to ask the agent or landlord. This way, you will not risk forgetting about something just because you were too stressed or in a hurry.

Check the Space

Although you can adapt a small apartment to your lifestyle, it can be almost impossible to do if you have a large family or furniture that cannot possibly be adapted to fit into a small space. When you go to check out an apartment, try to visualize where each item in your present apartment could be placed. This should give you a pretty good idea if the apartment is a good fit for you or not.

Doors, Windows and Paint

When you find an apartment you like, look out for cracked or old doors and windows that might not seem like much of a problem to you at first glance. Just because the apartment is available at a low price does not mean you should compromise on these things. Doors and windows that do not open or close properly or are damaged can lead to extra heating and cooling costs because all your hot and cold air is escaping through them.

Maintenance Issues, Cleanliness and Utilities

Make sure you check every faucet and pipeline in the whole apartment. Turn on the air conditioning unit, washing machine and any other appliance to check if it is functioning properly. Does the apartment have cable? Reliable electricity?

Another important thing to consider is any lingering odor from previous tenancies. Pet odor or cigarette smoke is usually not easily detected on your first visit because the landlord has just cleaned it however, if you sniff carefully, you should be able to pick out any suspicious smells. Add all these to the questions you must ask the agent or landlord before you sign a lease.


Find out what the buildings other tenants are like as a first priority. You do not want to deal with nightmare neighbors after you move in! The best way of doing so is talking to the previous tenants of the apartment you are considering. You could also visit some apartments in the building and inquire. Of course, do it politely.

We hope your search for an apartment is a fruitful one. If you have any questions, feel free to contact JB Property Management.

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