What are my Responsibilities When Vacating a Rental?

before vacating rental

When your rental agreement or lease expires and you do not wish to renew it, you will have to provide the landlord with at least a two-week notice. Before you vacate, you need to make sure that the rental property or apartment is in the same condition as when you started living in it. When you sign an agreement or lease, the landlord or property manager will provide you with a list detailing the present condition of the apartment when you rented it.

Any damage to the property that was already mentioned on this list cannot be deducted from your security deposit. However, all damage that was caused during your stay needs to be repaired before you leave or the landlord has the right to deduct the repair costs from your deposit.

Before you vacate a rental, make sure you fulfill all your responsibilities so you can get your deposit back.

Make a List of all Damage

During the notice period, it is preferred that you make an appointment with your landlord or property manager to inspect the apartment before you leave. This way, you can both go over any damage caused and amicably make a list of these to avoid any misunderstandings later.

Clean the Rental Apartment

Before your move out date, you must clean your rental apartment in order to remove all signs of your stay. Obviously, this would include cleaning all the rooms, appliances and furniture.

In the kitchen, remove all grease and dirt from the stove, refrigerator, cabinets and oven. Just remember to use the proper cleaning agents and not use anything that might end up damaging things like the stove, countertop and oven.

When cleaning the bathroom, keep an eye out for stains on the walls or floor and especially nicotine stains if you had a smoker in the house. Nicotine buildups on the bathroom walls is quite common and can cost the landlord quite a lot in cleaning and this could very well be deducted from your deposit.

Another important part of cleaning your rental before you vacate it is getting rid of odor like pet urine, curry smells and cigarette smoke. If the carpets, rugs or curtains have been a victim of pet urine or cigarette burns, the only solution is to get them replaced or let the landlord deduct the cost from your deposit. Try talking to your landlord or property manager about this and see if you can reach a mutually beneficial solution.

Pay all Bills

Before you vacate the apartment, you must have paid all pending bills. If you neglect to do so, the landlord has the right to deduct the amount from your deposit.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind

After you have moved out all your stuff, take a look around to see that everything is clean and free of trash or debris. Do not leave any items behind even if you don’t need them. The landlord is not responsible for getting rid of your trash or discarded items. If you have a table you don’t need or a bunch of old clothes, don’t leave them in the apartment. Deal with them yourself or the landlord can charge you for the cost of hauling those items away.

Hand Over Keys Before Move-Out Date

Handing over the keys to the landlord or property manager is your final responsibility. This must be done before the deadline for your move-out date. Every day that you delay this will cost you rent. You owe the landlord rent for the property until you hand over the keys and officially end your rental term.

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