Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Rental Property

add curb appeal to rental home

Adding curb appeal to your rental property can instantly increase the value of your property and attract more tenants and better rents. Apart from the necessary repairs and maintenance after one tenant leaves, most property owners do not want to spend too much when it comes to sprucing up their homes for tenants. So, we decided to give you some quick and painless tips for adding that extra bit of oomph to your rental without breaking the bank or wasting too much time.

Clean and Odor Free

The first thing any potential tenant will notice is whether the place is clean or has any lingering odors from previous tenants. Simply make sure you remove any litter, paint brushes, old mail or dead leaves from indoor and outdoor plants before you show the home. Light some beautiful aromatic candles or just place a bowl of beautiful roses on the kitchen table to bring in the spring into your home.

Matching Colors for Windows, Doors and Trimmings

Paint can go a long way in adding that bold and beautiful look to the exterior of your home. Maybe get a pot of paint and dab some on the door frames, windows and trimmings to add some brightness toy our house.

Plants and Flowers

Its spring and summer will soon be right along so take advantage of the beautiful season. Plant some pretty little flowers in the garden or place some small inexpensive flower beds along the windows. Get some cheap flower pots and place them along the edges windows or maybe place a low maintenance indoor plant in the hallway.


Adding curb appeal isn’t just about the outside but also about what your home looks like to a potential tenant when they first walk in. Most rental properties are boring with neutral colors and blank walls. This is necessary to a certain extent because not everyone likes to have bold yellow or orange walls in their living room.  However, this does not mean you can’t add some décor to make the place less boring and sterile. Take some shots of the garden or flowers and print them out and put them on the kitchen walls or the hallway, which is usually one of the most boring places in a vacant rental.

Remember that adding curb appeal to your rental property is not the same as that for a home you want to sell. For a rental, you do not want to add anything that might be high maintenance because most tenants do not want to spend all day trimming and maintaining the lawn you planted with imported flowers and grass.

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