What is a Seller’s Agent and Why Do I Need One?

what is a sellers agent

Most people think a real estate agent or seller’s agent just goes around showing you houses or putting up “For Sale” signs outside properties. This is far from the truth. A real estate agent is a skilled professional who performs a number of different responsibilities depending on what their task is at the time.

For example, when they are helping you find a home, they are acting as buyer’s agents and have to do their best to not only find you a suitable property to buy, but also make sure you get the best price along with many other duties. As an agent helping you to find rental property, their duties are to find properties, show them to you and handle all the legal paperwork. Similarly, a seller’s agent also has various responsibilities to perform when acting as your agent to sell your home or property.

What is a Seller’s Agent?

A seller’s agent is a real estate agent who works solely for the seller of a property. Their duties are to act in the seller’s best interests. This includes:

  • Marketing your property diligently
  • Assisting the seller to stage their property
  • Advising the seller about how best to prepare their home for a sale (renovations, repairs)
  • Preparing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Help the seller set the right price for a property
  • Honestly report everything to the seller
  • Maintain confidentiality in all matters disclosed to her or him by the seller
  • Finding buyers
  • Working with the buyer’s agent
  • Trying their best to get a good price for the seller
  • Handle all the legal matters
  • Represent the seller in all negotiations
  • Close the deal

Why Do I Need a Seller’s Agent?

As you can see from the list of responsibilities above, a seller’s agent is essentially representing the seller in the best possible manner. He/she is bound by the law to be above board and honest in all matters.

As a seller, you don’t know many of the legal matters involved in selling a property. An agent is a professional who has knowledge of each aspect involved in the sale of a property. Hiring an agent to represent you ensures that you not only get the best price for your property but are also saved from most of the hassle involved. You do not have to deal with advertising your property or sifting through the offers you get. The agent will do all of this for you. Their knowledge of the area and negotiation skills are a great asset that any seller would find very helpful.

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