Spring Selling – Get Your Home Ready for the Market!

selling home in spring market

Most sellers who want to sell their house in the busy spring market have already started dusting away those cobwebs and cleaning up their act. The spring seller’s market is hot right now and you want to make sure you put your best foot forward and get your house into the listings and sold as soon as possible. Here are some tips to get that spring selling right.

Staging for Spring Time

Spring time is not only a good time for selling your home; it is also the best time to show off your property in its best light. Where spring brings moderate weather it also brings a lot of different ways to stage your home to highlight its best features. Spring selling is not that hard when you know what to do.

  • Get rid of those heavy cloth curtains and replace them with light, airy materials that let the light in and brighten everything.
  • Pack up and store all the heavy clothes from your wardrobes to de-clutter them. No one likes a heavily stuffed wardrobe when they come to see the home of their dreams.
  • Wash and scrub the floors and walls to get rid of all the closed wintry smells. A home that smells nice and looks clean will sell faster.
  • Shed the warm heavy materials of the bed coverings, pillows and cushions and change them for lighter materials and colors with floral patterns.
  • Set up fresh spring flowers around the home to give an air of freshness and beauty.
  • Add floral photos and landscapes to the walls for an instant infusion of spring inside your home.
  • You have probably cleared out the clutter in the kitchen and made sure everything is clean and bright. Add a nice large bowl of fresh seasonal fruits to the counter for that added dash of color and spring.
  • Make sure the entrance to your home is clean and free of any old decorations. Place a welcome mat at the front door and a large vase of fresh flowers to welcome potential buyers.

Photo Shoot

Pay special attention to photos of your home that you will use with listings. Make sure you get lots of wide angle shots of areas like the living room, bedrooms and sitting area. A good picture can go a long way in impressing buyers and getting you a good price.

Spring Up That Curb

Estate agents are always harping about curb appeal and there is good reason for that. Everyone knows that a first impression is the most important in any relationship whether business or personal. Potential buyers will not even bother to look inside if they don’t like what they see outside. Spring is a great time to make the best of that garden and front yard. Spruce it up with flowers of the season and healthy green vines. Nothing says spring as much as colorful flowers dancing in your front garden.

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