Fight Back Against Delinquincies!

As the cost of living continues to increase, more people are left struggling to pay their everyday living expenses- rent being one of those. This is evident in the Massachusetts rental market as many Massachusetts Property Managers are really having to crack down on delinquencies across the board. It is standard here at J. Butler Property Management to handle delinquencies both quickly and effectively through our law offices. If a tenant fails to pay rent, they are issued a 14 day notice for nonpayment of rent, which can subsequently lead to an eviction. Though Massachusetts Property Managers have both the owner’s and tenants best interest in mind, it is the property managers fiduciary responsibility to act on behalf of the owner’s best interest. One month of not paying rent can quickly lead to two or three, at which point the owner is out thousands dollars of rent and left with a tenant they cannot get to vacate. We recommend dealing with any outstanding or back owed rent as soon as possible to avoid any complicated issues. The same goes for condo associations; If a unit owner is neglecting to pay their monthly condo fee that can severely affect the condo association as a whole. It is in the best interest of a condo association to hire a condo attorney to place liens on those units who are not contributing their monthly assessment. Massachusetts Property Managers please remember, you are better off taking immediate action against delinquencies rather than waiting to see if things will sort themselves out.

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