Green Technology on the Rise!

If you could pick one amenity that is a MUST for your next apartment, what would you pick? Would you pick to live in a building with a complimentary elevator attendant? Or concierge to park your car for you? A new trend picking up in cities across the country is the demand for the highest forms of green technology to be built into buildings and communities. According to’s Scott Duckett, “We’re designing properties with built-in iPod and iPhone docks in the units, the buildings are all hard-wired (did someone say 1G per second?), and then also boosted with wireless overlay. You need high-tech fitness centers and, above all else, powerful cell reception.” Buildings dedicated to a green initiative are desirable, but when it comes down to it, renters especially in cities, are all about convenience. The appeal of technology at one’s fingertips blindly trumps the idea that green living is necessary/desired. Boston Property Manager’s and Landlords are already feeling the pressure of needing to update units as many dormitories have hopped on the technology bandwagon. Students are graduating out of college dorms and looking for living areas they see as comparable to their prior arrangements. As rents continue to push,competition in the rental market is only going to increase! Landlords across Massachusetts and many Boston Property Managers are feeling the need to upgrade now more than ever.

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