The spotlight is on Malden!

Malden Massachusetts Property Management is booming right now! As the cost of living continues to rise in Boston, many people are migrating to more budget friendly cities and towns. Located only 5 miles north of Boston, Malden offers quick and easy accessibility to Boston. A 15 minute drive or a quick hop on the orange line will bring you right into the city, which makes it very easy for commuting or traveling to different social events and outings. Our Malden Massachusetts Property Management portfolio has welcomed two new properties in the last month; Westwood Apartments and the Cityline Condominium Trust. The Westwood Apartments, located on Summer Street offers 60 plus rental units along with ten commercial units. You can find everything from a salon to get your hair cut to a fabric store where you can purchase new curtains for your apartment. J. Butler Property Management also has our own office located at 66 Summer Street. With a great location across the street from Pearl Street Station, vacancies are rare! The Cityline Condominiums offer 26 units, built identical to Edgeworth Estates, another Malden property our company manages. Located right on Broadway, this condominium has a very high owner occupancy rate. We are looking forward to facilitating some positive changes and improvements, making the community even more enjoyable for the owners. We are very excited about these additions to our Malden Massachusetts Property Management Portfolio, and welcome any potential clients to contact our office for more information!

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